Friday, October 29, 2010

Kelantannn!! Bwaahhh

Proud kelantanese and passionate ones

Tolong lah kelantan menang esok. Dan aku memang nak tengok mulut sultan bola kene sumbat ngan kerusi penonton pastuh ponggong die kene pacak ngan corner flag. Yeahh. Sape stuju goyang bahu kanan!

Penonton solat hajat dulu dalam stadium sebelum Kick off. indra putra imam. he2

Gambar final esok..aku dapat paper awal sehari kat depan pintu umah setiap pagi (cam kenal je cite pe tuh) erk

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hepi Besday abe!

Salam to all

Inilah anak buah aku. satu-satunya anak buah yang aku ingat birth date die. sebab nye coincides dengan UPSR dulu. Ingat-ingat pun selalu lupa jugak. Kak nini punya kejelah pula yang ingatkan adik-adik bawah dia dengan hantar message ala-ala 'hari ini dalam sejarah'. adeh.

He is just a really special boy. And boy what a really matured kid he was that sometimes I just think he was too old for his age. At times people treated him just like an adult when in fact he is just a kid with full of naivety. Advanced development. hah2. He is full of surprises, sometimes drove people mad but most of them made us missing him damn much when he is not around. In the absence of his papa since his memory part of brain was not well developed enough to remember he strived to become a man. Carrying responsibilities that would determine his own path and life in the future, he and his mama made a great team.

1 soalan yang jujur lagi ikhlas yang aku taip dan simpan dalm hp aku skang ni:

"kenapa ayah su nak jadi doktor?"

Wow. That question striked me like a thunder. No one actually ever asked that sort of question personally to me (lecturer memang suke tanye soalan tu. tpi dalam kelas ramai2). But he...hah2. I like. Jawapan yang aku berikan - untuk tolong orang.

I know, simple answer isnt it? too simple (it's not that simple when you have worked..totally different story). But simple answer to a simple question and to a kid. Aku pun masih tertanya lagi kenapa masih berada atas jalan ni. humm

Happy Birthday ABE!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweat Dream


Whoah it’s my first entry this year. Quite late though. Erk. Now doing internal medicine 2 added with 2 other specialty: oncology and dermatology. These two are more of exposure to us. Oncology is a study of cancer while dermatology is a study of skin.

What interest me so far is not the subjects but it’s the patient.

Entered medical school at the age of 57. Got first class in pharmacology, surgery and forensic medicine. With all the hardships (had bypass done for heart problem and several other medical problems) he eventually managed to obtain medical degree at the age of 64. However he was denied to continue for housemanship due to his age (er is there any age limit for housemanship? Hum). The story didn’t end there. Later in his life he was diagnosed to have cancer of pancreas and after several years it metastasized to the liver. There he was sitting relaxed, telling the sad but inspiring story to us. Not even slightest in his mind to be regret of denied practicing as it was his childhood dream just to learn medicine. And he already achieved it in his life.
True what they say: better late than never
How about us? Have we achieved our dream?...have we ever ‘dreamed’?

have I told you his son was in 4th year medical when he was entering 1st year? perh