Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nakal lah korang ni


Our political scenario in the country is always paved with colourful stories. But for the wrong reason sadly. The latest one is a sex video whom the trio Dato’s claimed the person involved is non other than our always- the-victim ex deputy prime minister. So out of boredom I bought a newspaper today to know what’s the current progress. But something caught my attention…it’s this.

which one is which? heh.

Thanks to my colleague she suddenly noticed a very look alike face. The paper put 2 different columns next to each other. Wondering is it just a coincidence or it’s already planned. Heh

Here’s an equation that we are very familiar with unless we didn’t go to school. You don’t have to answer pun. heh

A looks like C

B looks like A

So B looks like?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Ish ish ish kamu ni. Dah nak exam dapat pulak injury macam ni. Tapi ada orang lain sedia ambil berat sejuk kaki rasa. Kalau aku dah lama dah cari yang lain. eh. Wahah. Dalam botol btul. Get well soon lah anda. Jangan dapat injury time dekat-dekat nak exam ok anda semua.

Jatuh saham anda sekejap. wahah

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is there any ilaah beside you Allah?


I just want to share with you readers a talk given by an ulama from South Africa. He had once visited my hometown Bangi and gave a talk at our Masjjid Jamik al-Hasanah. Never get the chance to hear from him live. so I youtube him and managed to find several vids (err only voice heard..) of his talk. What catches my attention is how fluent he is with Quranic verses and hadiths that he can just picks them like they are opened in front of him! And another point is how precise he is with facts...scientific facts and relate them with the greatness of non other than god almighty.

Have a watch er whichever you prefer to call ----> Maulana Ahmad Sulaiman Khatani

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Habis muncung mulut ala sinyu tiup asap fuh fuh


Satu tabiat yang sangat peningkan kepala otak semua pihak sekarang adalah MEROKOK. Telah terbukti bahaya penyakit yang mungkin dihidapi kesan daripada merokok tapi the trend is keep on rising. Kajian menunjukkan pada tahun 2000 peratusan perokok lelaki adalah 50% (maknanya 1 daripada 2 orang lelaki merokok) manakala tahun 2005 menunjukkan sedikit kemajuan dalam kancah merokok dengan peningkatan sebanyak 10% iaitu 60%....err. you get what I mean.

Tapi apa yang lebih membimbangkan adalah trend merokok dikalangan wanita! Dengan daripada 4% sahaja pada tahun 2000….telah meningkat kepada 30%! Kalu dulu pompuan-pompuan sibuk dengan letakkan kriteria pakwe/calon suami “tidak merokok!” kali ini lelaki pulak mencontohi mereka dengan kriteria tersebut. Aku tak nak calon isteri aku merokok! Amat lah huduh yang sangat (ayat keling) pompuan bergaya ala-ala Gaya.Mutu.Keunggulan mentiup-tiup asap kat depan pakwe die yang muke selenge tu.

See what she is holding? yap (cuma tak nampak asap)

I don’t think they know how smoking could take away the protective effect of oestrogen hormone to their body. especially the heart. jom seiring sejalan masuk kubur dengan kitorang lelaki. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

FMeD prevails!


Yeah you have to believe it. Lawan FSU tuuu beb. Lagging 1 nil in the first half we went into the pitch with more composure (lepas abes kene bantai ngan coach. adeh). Believe….that’s what united us all. And this evening we were 1. The never say die attitude made us keep on hanging in there. The final score? Yep it’s 2-1. Sempat sujud syukur tanda terima kasih pada Tuhan. Yeeyyyy. I have lost count how many times I said that word. Satisfying! He2. 2nd place already in our hands. Only 1 game left and there’s no other option except to win and hope that our close rival FEM stumble in the last game for us to win the league. Ameen.

Boo FSU!

And also this marks my last appearance for the faculty. It has been a joy and also stressful one sometimes (when we are on the other end. He2) to be involved with the team. I have seen how bad we were treated when we first entered inter faculty competition when we were Tamhidi (we were the first batch of Tamhidi medic). Rekod kene belasah 11-0 tu beb. Almost everybody involved in that team dengan dato (ikhwan) sekali main! Everybody looked down on us. Since then we were always the underdog team. And that gave us the advantage. People always take us lightly but we always perform beyond their expectations! Hambik kamu semua! Huh.

Mixed batches. 1st year till final year

Since our worst defeat in the history of USIM we never went anywhere else but going up. New batches and faces came in and they always give their all. Credit to them. Also to the coach En Azrul (dental staff) and our hardworking coordinator En Ishtiaq…I don’t have anything else to say but jutaan terima kasih kerana sudi membimbing kami! Gaye cakap macam dah menang liga plak. Hah2. No harm in dreaming right. He2

He's a hafiz quran...and he can score pe kaitan? he2

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thrills without murmur


Within less than 2 months am going to have my final pro exam before can be called as doc (kuli). Heh. Not enough with that in mind I’m now stuck with my case report to be submitted tomorrow. Adeh. Last minute nye thrill and palpitation.. but no murmur. Hmm weird. J.

These are some of the pics I’m going to keep forever. The going-to-be docs. Should I meet them in the future I’ll be comparing them before and after HOs. Hah2

Awat hang duk retard sorang2 tuuu?

Pic ni tak tak berapa best tapi aku sukeee

Haa especially yang belah kiri ni. memang aku nak compare nanti. he2


1. I still believe in US

2. keep believing

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ickle and Lardee! Ngap2


Here is a blog you wouldn't want to miss reading it...err not so much reading lah, just tickling and giggling yourself with the pictures. Telling stories with pictures is always effective and using some characters we never imagined before that it could be this's super effective. Have a visit...don't shy shy. :)

Vroom Vroom..I'm fast and furious!

They are more creative than you can imagine!

Want more? You can play with them at this -----> site