Saturday, May 24, 2008

ampang-sg gabai trip

Recently we anap (my 1 year junior) and I finally did what we had planned and dreamed before that is cycle from our condo to Gabai river. the journey took about 45 minutes by car but we never sure of how long it will take with bicycle. Anap never get bored irritating me by asking whether we can do it or not. I didnt careless with that silly question, I was really determined to get there. To reach there was like a dream come true. An achievement of the uncertainty. After some preparation and all stuff needed was packed then the journey started. Our journey was more or less like this :- went uphill then downhill then straight and flat till Gabai is reached. Yup the only test was going uphill. But we were sort of already used to it since we had went uphill before several times. After 2 hours journey with some stops finally we reached the target location. Kabushh! no time for anything except got ourselves submerged. whoaah. It's been years since my last kabushh. he2. The feeling was fantastic. It's the best way to celebrate. Then it's time to go back. Ahh this was the real test. The tiredness summed up with the hot and humid weather, perfect. It had really got ourselves 'wet' with sweat and mental attack. 2 hours gone by...we finally reached our home! Once again the feeling of accomplishment was never can be described. I can say that I am really proud with our effort and determination. To reach Gabai is something but to get back is another thing. hum the philosophy behind this trip is that if we find uncertainty before us don't think much just walk through it. salam

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