Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ickle and Lardee! Ngap2


Here is a blog you wouldn't want to miss reading it...err not so much reading lah, just tickling and giggling yourself with the pictures. Telling stories with pictures is always effective and using some characters we never imagined before that it could be this's super effective. Have a visit...don't shy shy. :)

Vroom Vroom..I'm fast and furious!

They are more creative than you can imagine!

Want more? You can play with them at this -----> site


Mrs Ahmad.. said...

i love them!! sgt super duper cuteeee..

nuarasheeq said...

They have made it into a book! you can make a pre order at borders and kinokuniya. Nanti can tunjuk2 kat hana. And hana pun can tunjuk2 ickle and lardee ngan smallish and cutey fingers beliau. he2