Sunday, March 6, 2011

FMeD prevails!


Yeah you have to believe it. Lawan FSU tuuu beb. Lagging 1 nil in the first half we went into the pitch with more composure (lepas abes kene bantai ngan coach. adeh). Believe….that’s what united us all. And this evening we were 1. The never say die attitude made us keep on hanging in there. The final score? Yep it’s 2-1. Sempat sujud syukur tanda terima kasih pada Tuhan. Yeeyyyy. I have lost count how many times I said that word. Satisfying! He2. 2nd place already in our hands. Only 1 game left and there’s no other option except to win and hope that our close rival FEM stumble in the last game for us to win the league. Ameen.

Boo FSU!

And also this marks my last appearance for the faculty. It has been a joy and also stressful one sometimes (when we are on the other end. He2) to be involved with the team. I have seen how bad we were treated when we first entered inter faculty competition when we were Tamhidi (we were the first batch of Tamhidi medic). Rekod kene belasah 11-0 tu beb. Almost everybody involved in that team dengan dato (ikhwan) sekali main! Everybody looked down on us. Since then we were always the underdog team. And that gave us the advantage. People always take us lightly but we always perform beyond their expectations! Hambik kamu semua! Huh.

Mixed batches. 1st year till final year

Since our worst defeat in the history of USIM we never went anywhere else but going up. New batches and faces came in and they always give their all. Credit to them. Also to the coach En Azrul (dental staff) and our hardworking coordinator En Ishtiaq…I don’t have anything else to say but jutaan terima kasih kerana sudi membimbing kami! Gaye cakap macam dah menang liga plak. Hah2. No harm in dreaming right. He2

He's a hafiz quran...and he can score pe kaitan? he2


im said...

11-0 la not... tu first game kite dan kene bantai..haha

nuarasheeq said...

yeh? hah2. ok2. 11-0! pastu 10-1 kan. yang penting jumlah bolos 30. hah2. adeh. zaman gemilang dato tuu. he2