Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thrills without murmur


Within less than 2 months am going to have my final pro exam before can be called as doc (kuli). Heh. Not enough with that in mind I’m now stuck with my case report to be submitted tomorrow. Adeh. Last minute nye thrill and palpitation.. but no murmur. Hmm weird. J.

These are some of the pics I’m going to keep forever. The going-to-be docs. Should I meet them in the future I’ll be comparing them before and after HOs. Hah2

Awat hang duk retard sorang2 tuuu?

Pic ni tak tak berapa best tapi aku sukeee

Haa especially yang belah kiri ni. memang aku nak compare nanti. he2


1. I still believe in US

2. keep believing