Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nakal lah korang ni


Our political scenario in the country is always paved with colourful stories. But for the wrong reason sadly. The latest one is a sex video whom the trio Dato’s claimed the person involved is non other than our always- the-victim ex deputy prime minister. So out of boredom I bought a newspaper today to know what’s the current progress. But something caught my attention…it’s this.

which one is which? heh.

Thanks to my colleague she suddenly noticed a very look alike face. The paper put 2 different columns next to each other. Wondering is it just a coincidence or it’s already planned. Heh

Here’s an equation that we are very familiar with unless we didn’t go to school. You don’t have to answer pun. heh

A looks like C

B looks like A

So B looks like?


Sop said...

premis 1: muka eskay mcm anwar.
premis 2: eskay mengaku ade muncul dlm video.
kesimpulan: eskay yg romen?

nuarasheeq said...

haha.. jom romen die plak. eh serbu die. ehem

Anonymous said...

B looks like u...ha3

tajuk 'nakal' 2 comey... ;p