Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The most surprising birthday gift ever? :)


What I was about to deliver was going to be unexpected and a surprise to a person. What I recieved was beyond my expectations and funnily I was the 1 who got surprised. Life is soooo unpredictable. he2

We plan. Allah taala also plans. And Allah taala is the best planner. Therefore only in Allah we shall put our trust and our hope no matter how big or how small it is.

Penat stay up layan man u v aston villa ye. he2

Mayum/mayumi yang cool tapi humble. erk.

Nota tahun baru cina:

Mayumi maintain dengan kadar kecoolan yang melampau. tido tak melayan dunia. muke selenge abis. he2


Mrs Ahmad.. said...

I do agree with u. Kita manusia hanya merancang tapi yg menentukan adalah Allah yg Esa.He knows what is best for us.. So my dear brother, byk kan bersabar ya..

nuarasheeq said...

thanx for all the support mami papa k nini yam n eida

nisa said...

at a glance, i tot i was a gud news.. bcoz it full of 'hehe' n smile :)..
tp bkn surprise yg gud news eyh..sorry..
sume yg b'laku ade hikmah ;) thnk +ve, br jd +ve (^_^)