Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pesanan penaja kejap..heh


Aksi terakhir buat saffee Sali untuk pasukan Malaysia sebelum berlepas ke indon memang tak dapat di biarkan begitu saje (kene tengok lah maknenye..kui2).

Ultras Malaya memang tetap meriah!

Full time score kita 2 mereka (Hong Kong) o. Wohoo In general our team played well and at times we played brilliantly. I was surprised by how calm and composed we were yesternight. This only shows how we have matured and experienced at the international level.

To safee all the best and make our country proud. Playing abroad will never be easy for him as he will leave his family here in Malaysia and also he was the one who broke 250,000 hearts when we proudly won AFF Suzuki cup beating indon. But that’s what he expects and he is ready to face it. Tabik spring aku kat die. He2

Don't worry he'll be bach with more brutality. yeahh!

The only let down that night was not many supporters turned up. Aku rasa faktor utama dia tindakan bijak FAM buat perlawanan kat tempat yang payah orang nak datang (Shah Alam). Bijaaak bijak. heh

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