Saturday, February 19, 2011

Temerloh datang lagi!


Am now doing my last posting before facing my biggest worry in my life so far…final professional exam. Ho2. In this posting we are divided into 3 groups. Each group have to go to temerloh for about 2 weeks and then we rotate between us. Long time haven’t been in Temerloh. As soon as we (my group) arrived there we were surprised by how super rapid the town has changed compared to our last visit. New buildings have stood up and jalan pun dibesarkan. But terselit jugak rase annoyed. Why? Because the addition of new lane to me seems not necessary. Tak adalah banyak kereta sangat pun that cars have to crawl like lipan pagi-pagi hari. And the most important thing is a tom yam restaurant where it’s our top of the list (1st choice) when comes to dinner has to close down their business to make way for the new lane. That restaurant….T.T. Each time we passed by the restaurant mesti bunyi suara-suara rungut termuntah keluar tak puas hati dengan jalan tu. Abu lah juaranya! He2. Haih letih dah kot merungut. Adeh.

We want our tom yam back!!

But still with those mulut-mulut busuk we really glad our cendol uncle are still there.

Uncle baik dengan Cendol 1st class!

Retro vs Modern....temerloh sekarang

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